I like to read while I’m travelling. Last year I took The Immoralist by Jack Baker and was surprised with his vision, language and points of view. This year I’m going to read Clerk & Writer!

Steven Larocette

I’ve recently read Jack Baker’s “Paper City” and I can say I’m a big fan of this writer now! It was well-written and easy to read. At the same time there are romantic and sentimental moments which reveals the main character.

Jeffrey Neddery

I follow up on Jack Baker’s bibliography since 2005. I’ve read all his books, business ones and fiction as well. I find him a talented author who gives a lot of useful tips and generously sharing with his readers.

Mary Chambers

I've been struggling with developing a medium business I inherited from my aunt. But these strategic advices from Mr. Sterling just set everything straight for me and thanks to using them I've recently built a new structure for the company in just under 3 months. Incredible!

Diane Wheaton

My law firm suffered severe downtime and revenue loss, while I've been serving in the Navy 2006-2011. But as soon as I returned home and I've read this book upon my friend's recommendation, I was able to utilize all these strategic tips and tricks and structure my company the right way again!

Arnold Poskowitz

It's been a hard time for SMB sector after the Great Recession hit us in 2008... But luckily I read these series of strategic business advice books and was able to coordinate a well-executed business development strategy. All thanks to this book!

Eva Patel