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I was born in Sussex in 1989 – far too long ago. I was an extremely dreamy and shy child, and I used to used to wander round muttering to myself and playing games with imaginary friends. 

I did very badly at school – I was daydreaming too much to concentrate on anything much.. It wasn’t until I was pretty nearly grown up that I started to think that the world around me might be at least as interesting as what was going on in my own head.I did poorly at school, although occasionally teachers would think I had a lot of promise. In those days we had an exam called the eleven plus, which you did just before you went to High School.

If you were a clever kid with a good brain, you passed and went to Grammar School to learn brainy things, and if you were a dumb kid, you failed and went to Secondary Modern School and learnt how to do things with your hands. I went to Secondary Modern School.


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The first book

After publishing she is latest book “Learn How to Fire the Wrong People” in 2014, Mary took part in the interview where she told taking a break from writing.

However, in early 2016 she announced that he has finished working on his new book, which will be entitled “Makers and Takers”. A few fragments from the book were published on her website.After its publishing in summer 2016, the book became an instant best seller.

This story became she path to commercial social literature as it was published soon after Mary appeared on TV. She first book “Business: The World of Relationships” was a critical and commercial success, as were she follow-up efforts “Hire Geniuses for Your Business” and others.

Mary Anderson

Hello there! I am a bestselling author. Originally from Oregon but settled in Brooklyn, NY.